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The Lovely Wounded Lady … A Blog for the Women from Domestic Abuse

you are stronger than you think

I am one of many wounded women that escaped or is still living in domestic abuse. Some of you have managed to get out and are still suffering mentally from the damage your brain incurred.

I know that some of you are still there and need support to get out. The rest of us are here to help you find your way. We are strong women and we will hold each other up.

When  any one of us is suffering in torment, the rest of us suffer too. Anytime one of us escapes a mentally or otherwise abusive relationship, the rest of us are victorious!

Domestic abuse is wrong. Domestic abuse hurts. Mental torture has long lasting effects on each one of us. We may have gotten out years ago, but our brains are still suffering from PTSD.

I have other blogs and I am happy with how well they are doing. I have a mental illness blog that is about various mental illnesses and the struggle to keep going. I did post some domestic abuse posts on that blog, but I really felt that this topic deserved it’s very own blog.

I would love to see women come together here in order to support each other. I will tell my story in bits and pieces, with transparency and truthfulness. You are also welcome to have a voice here.

You can tell us whatever you want to about your story, in the comments here. You can also write a post about yourself, in anonymity, and I will post it. If you want to talk to me about writing a post about your domestic abuse story, please leave me a comment below and I will respond to you when I can, with information about how we can proceed.

This is the first blog that I have done, that is very specific to one topic. I am very excited and encouraged about creating this blog today. It is another step in my healing process. The time had come to get some of the secrets out.

There is often a feeling of shame about having been in an abusive relationship. There may also be feelings of shame about who else was involved (your children) .

If you had to escape then you may have had to do things that were out of emergency that you felt you had no choice but to do. Escaping a situation that is dangerous is tricky and calls for doing things that you would not usually do. Sometimes there is shame about what you had to do to escape.

If you want to post your story here, but you want to be completely anonymous, let me know. I can post the story without linking it to your blog and we can make up a name for you.

I am excited about this blog and I hope that it will be a home for many women, who need to go home once in a while. It is hard to feel at home anywhere, after you have lived in an abusive home.

When you have been mentally tortured, no place feels safe. It is hard to tell your story to others without judgement. This is the place for you, with a safe space for communication. No judgement. No junk advice that only serves to frustrate you.

If you are still living in abuse, consider this your home as well. The women here will understand what you are going through and how hard it really is to get out.

This is not a replacement for therapy of counseling. I am not a therapist or a counselor. I am just a friend, opening my home to you to come and visit for a while. Sit and have some tea or coffee and chat.

You are stronger than you think you are !

This Lovely Wounded Lady Says, “You are Stronger Than You Think!”

5 thoughts on “The Lovely Wounded Lady … A Blog for the Women from Domestic Abuse”

  1. Thank you for your bravery, kind words , I would like to start blogging , could you help me get started ? I am still liven in what i call hell it is every day , i have seek lawyers to help me file for divorce with being finicailly abused among other they have told me i need to come up 1500 to 3000 all 4 lawyers work with domestic abuse and divorce with out doubt im being abused but the need there money just to start i have called legal aid every stone i role over i get crushed i am now tryen to learn how to file myself even knowing he is going to win to no end im to the point i want a divorce i can not believe for the life of me there is no help finaically get women like me out! unless you walk away from every thing ..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi. You mentioned blogging and then you mentioned needing finances. Just so I can understand you better, were you thinking that blogging paid money, or were they separate thoughts?
      Just so it is clear to me, in order to respond to your questions.


    2. Social services/ human services in your area might be able to provide you with….or connect you with free legal services.

      A local women’s shelter should also know about legal help for abuse victims in low economic circumstances.

      Unfortunately so many of us end up financially devastated from the aftermath of abuse.
      I am still struggling to feed my kids, even with the amount of food stamps I get. It does not help with personal items, clothes, shoes etc.
      Very sad.

      But I think you might want to contact the womens abuse shelter for resources….then human services. That is the best I can think of.


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