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Something to Remember When You Drink Your Morning Coffee !

My voice matters

2 thoughts on “Something to Remember When You Drink Your Morning Coffee !”

  1. Amen. Have lost it and then found it over the years. Now, I’m just working on it being louder and prouder . . . okay . . . I want it to roar!

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    1. You go girl ! Yes it is easy to forget that we have a voice that can make a difference in our own lives and in the lives of others. There are people that are very good at crushing down our self esteem. It is easy to let them have power over us when we are not feeling mentally well. It is too hard to battle them. But our voice is still, even when it is being crushed under the weight of depression , anxiety or low self esteem.
      Maybe we are onto a new blog post with this topic!
      Thank you for connecting with me. Life is a struggle. I truly feel empathy for the other women who are struggling also. I am very proud of you that you are beginning to feel that you can roar again 🙂 Each woman that find her way to speak out and speak up about the right to be heard, will help the rest of us 🙂


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