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You Just Rewrite the Script

Darkness blinds my eyes

Trauma chokes my breath

Your Twisted lies destroy

My Truth is lost in your rewrites

Expectations and demands

I cannot live up to

You dominate by placing blame

Saying that I was the neglector

You reverse the roles with ease

Twisting time and reality itself

Making me the mental abuser

Turning the things you said

Into my words rather than yours

I am in mental shock

Still injured from your words

Not able to catch my breath

As you pretend you were the abused

 I waited all day for you to respond to my calls

You said that is was you who was

curled up in a ball

Needing to talk to me

and I just wasn’t there

Not caring about your needs

You say I am the one always too busy 

to be emotionally available for you

Even though you hung up the phone

time and again

at 1 or 2 am to answer a call

and  said you would call me back

but made me wait until 4am

Waking me up from my sleep

Accusing me of not being focused enough

on whatever you were telling me

at 4 am in my sleep

But I was emotionally unavailable

and mentally dangerous 

to your brain

This is what you always said

If I told you that you hurt me

in any way

Defences elude my mouth

As you cry that I attacked you

And shame me into silence

Feeling utterly defeated

and confused

Just longing to be close to you

You just rewrite the script

How it will serve you best

 Reality is what you say

Whatever serves you best

along the way

2 thoughts on “You Just Rewrite the Script”

    1. Uhg ! I know. (referring to the accurate , not the great part ) I wish I did not know so well ! I just can’t believe that I fell for that again. I feel so sorry for these guys and I really believe them when they say they love me and I am the only person that understands them, etc.
      I always think I can save them from their torment. But they cannot be saved by another person. I know that now. You would think I would have learned it sooner.
      If someone keeps taking from you and disregards the things that you want to do, then they are not good for you. If you have to put your dreams and comforts on hold for someone else (other than your kids) then they will not make it up to you later on.
      The relationship is either balanced from the beginning or it never will be. I get it finally. But it is still sad.
      He just stopped calling and refused to take my calls. Who does that?
      After a year of talking several times a day and sleeping together over the phone at night, who just breaks up by not calling at all and not saying anything?
      I have heard people say that the “text break up” is the worst disrespect and callous break up, but I think we have a new winner !

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