Why I Can’t Eat Spaghetti with Thin Sauce and Proper Bread **Trigger Warning**

Annie's Poetry

I crawled on the kitchen floor
Cleaning up pieces of broken glass
With my bare hands

You felt powerful standing above me
Hopeful to see drops of blood
On my beautiful hands

You wanted to steal my beauty
So no one would ever see it
Not even you

You resented it
You were threatened by its power
Power was something reserved for you
And you alone

You shamed me
For the broken dishes
It was my fault you said
For forgetting the bread

You always have bread with spaghetti
I should know by now
How long have I known you ?
How many times have you told me?

I should have learned it by now
This was the only way
To teach the lesson
Once and for all

That spaghetti must be served with bread
And the sauce must be thin
Like your grandmother used to make it
When she…

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