Are You Being Abused ? Domestic Abuse / Abused Women


We cannot go back in time to prevent the damages we incur in our minds and in our bodies. There is no turning back the clock or hopping into a time machine.

The damage from domestic abuse is severe and eventually deadly. It is not a game to be won. If someone is abusing you, this is not a game you want to play.

It is their game. You think you are a participator in the relationship but you are just a victim of their game. Their game is their sickness. Their addiction.

It is part of their game, to make you feel like you have a chance to win. It is part of their manipulation to make you feel sorry for them, make excuses for them, make exceptions for them.

But there are no exceptions.

Your love will never be enough. Your benevolence will never be enough. Nor…

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