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No Contact !

no empathy no deal

5 thoughts on “No Contact !”

  1. What happens if I owe my narcissist hours in cleaning due to living under their roof for a year??? How do I have no contact? Once I get a job, I could just pay it in cash, but I’m not there yet.


    1. I am in a similar situation, in that I am forced by my situation to have regular contact with a narcissist that is mentally abusive and financially abusive.

      Until I can afford my own place, I am stuck living here, with narcissistic relatives.

      I empathize with you.
      Money is one of their favorite manipulative tools.

      They love for us to owe them favors, like cleaning and other tasks.

      Hopefully you can complete your debt soon.

      Be careful giving them any personal or financial information, even if they are acting concerned for you, in order to gain information.

      Try to avoid any triangulation tactics or hoovering tactics. At least recognize those kinds of manipulative tactics for what they are, if they happen.

      I wish you well as you complete your hours of cleaning for them. You will feel better when you are done.


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