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Abusers Break Your Heart but They Cannot Take it Away from You

You can still love again, after narcissistic abuse. It might take a while to feel yourself again, to be able to trust your perceptions and to want to share your vulnerability again. That is understandable.

If you were abused by someone who you trusted, then it leaves a very deep wound both emotionally and mentally. Take your time to heal. Get support and take care of yourself. Your mental health has to be the priority after an abusive relationship.

You have been through a tremendous ordeal, and most people will not understand what you are feeling or why the wounds are so very deep. Get connected with others who have been through it. This is where you will find validation and comfort.

Try to keep up with your regular activities, as best as possible. Take breaks when you need to.  Change to new activities that you want to try. You will have more time now, to do the things that the abuser did not allow you to do.

my heart survived

You have a big heart, if you stuck by a narcissistic person. They taxed your patience and you still stood by them. You did not know that they were plotting against you. You just thought that they were hurt and lost. This proves what a big heart you have.

You still have that heart and you are still the same kind person. But you are wiser and will be more cautious before you share your heart again.

Build up your strength with good nutrition and good sleep. Over time you will become stronger. The pain will subside slowly, little by little…but it will subside.

You may forgive and not forget. Or you may choose not to forgive. Let go of your anger when the time feels right. You have a right to your initial anger. It is a normal response to being abused in such a calculated way and in such a vulnerable way.

They tried to break your heart so that you could give it to no other. But they cannot take away your heart. It is still beating within you. You have lots of love to offer people. When the time is right, you may find someone to share it with again.

But for now, know that your heart had been broken, but it cannot be stolen from you.


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