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Narcissistic Abuse Distorts your Reality and Your Memories

narc abuse distorts your memories

2 thoughts on “Narcissistic Abuse Distorts your Reality and Your Memories”

    1. that is a really good idea. I wish I had written things down when I was in the abusive relationship. I remember wanting to talk to him about something he said that was hurtful to me. HIs response was “I do not recall what was said during that conversation. I cannot discuss it with you because I do not know if what you are remembering that I said is what I actually said.”

      Then he said “I would be happy to discuss it with you, if there was a recording of the conversation. That way I could be sure of what I actually said and it would not be what you think you remember about what I said.”

      He made this sound like it was very reasonable on his part.
      But if I had said something that bothered him, he would bring it up and tell me what I said.



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