How could you marry a Psychopath?

How could you marry a Psychopath?


It’s not as hard as you imagine.  Psychopathic behavior is characterized by deception… Using others to get what you want. I always thought of a psychopath as a murderer or complete crazy person, American Psycho comes to mind of what that means to me, not the quiet collected manipulation I experienced from my ex-husband.

I have since read up on the subject.  A psychopath is a master manipulator, there are actually quite a few articles and websites on this subjects – I found many web pages when googling “married to a psychopath” – this particular web article seemed relevant to me:     Reviewing these articles from multiple sources made me realize I am by far not the only one, and this was not a fool’s choice, I am not the naive simpleton some might imagine me as, I made a straight up confident decision after well over a year of…

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Annie is a compassionate writer with a powerful voice that resonates with the readers. She speaks the truth with transparency and a vulnerability that empowers and inspires her readers and fans. She is a poet, a guitarist, an amazing singer and a blogger.

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