Gaslighting – “everyone abuses me”


Breaking up …

Insignificant other – I want to break up with you

Blogger – Really? Why?

IO – I just want to

B – What is your reason? What is the story behind it?

IO– Goodbye

B- That will only make a 20 word post. Come back here, you selfish prick

IO– Why do you always have to know why about everything?

B– because the “why” matters. It gives things meaning. You can’t just cause random pain and injury and refuse to give someone closure. ..or at least the courtsey of a decent blog post, you ass.

IO- Yes I can. I can do whatever I want to do. The universe centers around me, not your fucking blog

B- I hate when you say that “F” word. It makes me feel disrepected

IO- I never say that word. You are thinking of someone else. You have…

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