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You Have Great Worth

great worth

People who end up the targets of narcissistic abuse and abuse by other toxic personalities typically have the above traits. Yet they end up with a feeling of worthlessness.

Most people would not and could not tolerate the behaviors of the narcissist. Only someone with extreme patience, tolerance, and a willingness to extend themselves to the toxic person, would be a victim of abuse.

Narcissists and other abuser do not try to choose targets that lack empathy, or a sense of fairness. They seek out the most kind, and compassionate people to target.

Don’t get me wrong. You should set boundaries and never be the victim of abuse again. You can still retain all of your good qualities, but you need to add boundaries for yourself.

Even though victims of abuse tend to posses compassionate qualities and are kind and caring people. they end up feeling worthless and like a failure for months or even years after an abusive relationship.

If this is you, then print out my little poster and hang it by your bed or on your bathroom mirror. You are full of worth and value. You are special, otherwise the abuser would not have chosen you.

Narcissists want to destroy people that are happy being compassionate. They want to stop you from being happy and spreading empathy to the world. It works against their agenda and they are jealous of what you have that they will never have.

Even if you do not feel like connecting with people right now, you will be able to again once you heal. The healing process takes time. Narcissistic abuse is powerful and causes deep wounds.

Your self esteem is crushed, Perhaps even more damaged is your sense of believing in your ability to know who to trust. Your perception of reality was interfered with and you may feel that trusting people is too dangerous.

This is a normal reaction to narcissistic abuse. It will pass with time. You are full of worthiness and value. Your empathy is needed in the world.

You will see the red flags next time, as long as you study and learn about narcissism and abusive personalities. You will be able to share your light again !




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