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Narcissist, Psychopath Decide What Your Reality Is

This is an excellent video that talks about how they have the power to define everything. They create the definitions and the terms. They decide what the proper level of response is to things.

She talks about how he told her she was a burden when she was in a wheel chair. He way over exaggerated the level of a burden that she was. She believed him because she could see that the statement of her being a burden could possibly be true. But he exaggerated it and used it for an excuse to abuse her.

She goes into the other lies that they tell. The manipulate you and lie to your face.

She is an easy speaker to listen to because she is calm and has a pleasant way about her. I know you will enjoy the video.

Trigger warning —violence , suicide, threats


3 thoughts on “Narcissist, Psychopath Decide What Your Reality Is”

  1. This is reminding me more and more of my ex-husband. He emotionally abused me. He forced me to marry him by claiming he would kill himself. He would give me back-hand comments and they comment the opposite way later. He actually told me that he would force custody of our son by saying I was crazy because I have Bipolar Disorder among other things and drag it through court. So I didn’t put up a fight for our son. I didn’t want our children (2 were adults) through that. And I got practically nothing from the divorce and I was told that was my fault because I didn’t get a career when he told me to. I have strggled since then and by the way I got my son back when he was 16 because he refused to live with his father and his girlfriend anymore. He decided not to fight that because our son flat out said he would just run away. The more I learn, the more shocked I am. He told me I embarrassed him because I had mental illness. So does he, but he never sought help so I was the one who was crazy.

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    1. Both from my personal experience and from talking to other women, the narcissist men enjoy the tactic of making their victim appear mentally ill or much more mentally ill than they are.

      We end up with disorders that the narcissist causes. They give us suggestions that we are more mentally ill than we are, and also that other people SEE us as more mentally ill than they do.

      They talk about us behind our backs to people and tell lies of how mentally ill and abusive we are to them.

      By the time we seperate from them, everything is in place to destroy us, using the mentally incompetent tactic.

      So many times in court, and in therapist offices, the abuser appears to be calm and sane. But the victim is emotional, broken and comes across as the crazy abusive one.

      It is very unfair, and happens over and over. I am sorry you went through this too.

      I wish we could start a movement to make changes to this. The therapists and courts are ill equipped to be able to tell who the victim is and who the abuser is.

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