How Can You Tell if Someone is a Narcissist ?

Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse

It is estimated that 1 percent of the population has malignant narcissism.  In my opinion this percent is wrong. I think it is a higher number.

Narcissists usually do not seek treatment for themselves. They have been known to go into couples therapy, but only in order to make their partner appear like the crazy one. Narcissists can appear calm and normal in a therapy setting. They know how to fool the therapist.

Since the partner would be emotional and acting somewhat crazy, due to the mental torment of living with a narcissist, then the victim appears to be the unstable one to the therapist.

SInce very few narcissists have been in treatment in a way that is honest and communicative in any real way to the therapist, then how can they possibly estimate the percent of narcissists in our society?

Adding the fact of co-morbid personality disorders, there are…

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