Is It Possible He’s Not 100% Narcissist?

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

Pensive Lady

Part of the reason targets of narcissistic abuse stay in the relationship beyond a reasonable and rational point is because they find it too hard to accept the idea that some people are cunning, devious and heartless.  People who are conscientious give manipulators the benefit of the doubt and try to see their side of things.

This is exactly what narcissists and other emotional manipulators count on.

It’s no secret that narcissists target people who possess specific personality traits and vulnerabilities.  By definition, vulnerability refers to the inability to withstand the effects of a hostile environment (en.wikipedia.org).  Because of this inability to survive in an unfriendly environment, targets of narcissistic abuse distance themselves from painful reality through the use of defense mechanisms which are fairly unconscious, meaning victims use these mechanisms without even being aware of doing so.

Narcissists keep their victims in a constant state of fear, which in…

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2 thoughts on “Is It Possible He’s Not 100% Narcissist?”

  1. I do believe although my ex-husband was a narcissist to a point. He fits several categories I think there was at one time a good man in there. The relationship with the girlfriend has turned him into a whipped man, not the man I was married to.

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  2. That is interesting. I wonder what she is like. How long have they been together? Does she seem very overbearing when you see or hear them interacting? Do you see them or is it just by what he tells you?
    Talk to you soon.
    Annie ❤


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