Isolated in an Abusive Relationship


Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse

If you are in the midst of an abusive relationship then you are probably being forced to isolate. This is a typical tactic of abusers to keep control over you.

It may be unsafe for you to force the issue with him about seeing your friends.

You are probably online seeking support and connection with compassionate humans. That is good and you need support and compassion from other people.

If it has gotten to where you are very isolated, then you should know things will most likely get worse from here on out.

It may seem like complying with his wishes, and giving him all your time and attention will keep him happy. But there is a problem with that.

You are a normal human who seeks happiness. It is logical to project those normal desires onto him, and assume he is seeking peace and happiness with you.

But toxic…

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Annie is a compassionate writer with a powerful voice that resonates with the readers. She speaks the truth with transparency and a vulnerability that empowers and inspires her readers and fans. She is a poet, a guitarist, an amazing singer and a blogger.

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