Overwhelmed? Plagued with the 3 P’s? You Are Not Alone!!


So often I have felt just totally overwhelmed that three “p” words come into play…and play, unfortunately, is not one of them. Paralyzed, procrastinate, and Pandora’s Box are just three of those words that define my inability to jump into action or just move. How do we get past the big three P’s to the business of living our lives in happy, healthy, safe and productive ways? First, I need to define what has been going on, so I am able to define a strategy to move forward. I have been feeling paralyzed.

Paralyzed, not able to move, frozen in time and space, the inability to make decisions or to take action. Inaction to me, is the action of moving backwards. However, I can still move my legs and my thoughts. It’s the inability to move forward. Recently, I saw a saying on Facebook that chimed with my soul.

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