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Myths About Abuse Victims Choosing to Be Abused

New You Tube Video

Myths About Abuse Victims Series

Part One – This video is to dispel the myth that victims of abuse know that their partner is abusive and choose those kinds of partners on purpose. They choose to be a victim so their situation is their own fault.

It explains how the narcissist appears to be a normal person at the beginning and unless you have done extensive study about narcissism , the stages of abuse, setting boundaries and the tactics of narcissistic abuse, there is no way you could have identified the person an an abusive personality.

Myths About Abuse Victims Part  Two

This video is about the myth that Abuse Victims Recognize that they are being abused once they are into the relationship and that they choose to stay and be abused. They are choosing to be victimized rather than leaving the abuser.

This myth is not true. Most victims do not realize they are being abused until the abuse becomes full blown and by then they have become brainwashed to doubt their own perceptions and are still not certain whether or not to call the behaviors abusive.

The narcissist and the psychopath use a variety of methods to brainwash the victim into becoming confused as to whether or not they are being abused and whether or not they deserve the abuse they receive. The abuser uses tactics like gaslighting, sleep deprivation, creating anxiety and a fear based state, and feeding suggestions into the mind of the victim.


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