Oppression and Domination In The Home


I read an article about our pro-male society, bashing the misogynist bastards for all the ways in which women are oppressed.  And I know that happens.  My mum taught me to lead by example, so what I do at home sets that standard for my family.  And when I’m out and about, anyone can see me doing what I do.

What some guys do is set a deplorable example.  What others do never makes the news, because it has to be bad before anyone is going to hear about it.  The media feeds on fuck-ups.  So do comedians, if it’s funny or if some idiot gets his come-uppance.  If a guy so much as tweets something perceived by our modern society as “wrong,” he gets a thrashing in the media.

And yes, I’m doing my part in our misogynist society.  I’m a staunch defender of traditional values.

I’d write more…

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