Being An Empath Is Beautiful

Silver Girl

I’m learning that being an empath can be a beautiful thing.. but it means I have to take exceptional care of my emotional, spiritual and physical health in order to be balanced and stay well. It’s taken my lifetime so far to understand myself and my needs as a sensitive. In the past I attracted narcissistic people and suffered from chronic depression, chronic stress, PTSD and multiple autoimmune disorders… It hasn’t been easy.

I’ve had so many lessons to learn regarding self protection, observing not absorbing, responding not reacting, healing the past, what food to eat, personal boundaries, self care, self love, avoiding toxins and toxic people, acceptance, forgiveness, handling emotional stress, how to re-energize, positive thinking … the list goes on.. and on..

I am finally learning to be me and to be well..

This is a good article by Alex Myles regarding accepting, honouring and embracing your high…

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3 thoughts on “Being An Empath Is Beautiful”

    1. Yes I agree. I have felt both also.
      Although I would not trade up to be one of those people that has little or no empathic ability.

      Bless you. I am happy you follow my blog and are able to connect here woth me and other people who are understanding with you.


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      1. I enjoy your blog very much. It has helped me to understand myself & my pain. It also makes me feel less alone. Sometimes your blog is the hug I need on my darkest days.

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