authenticitee speaks



I told the enemy too much
Showed him every card
Exposed the hand I’d been dealt
His technique avant-garde

Slithering slipperily he slipped by
My security system disabled
Burned out at both ends
Switch tripped
My resistance tabled

Granted him VIP access
To what some may call
A private hell
Informing an informant
An impostor
A sleeper cell

Have you been there?

Every talk you ever had
Whether by pillow, pen or post
Held for ransom
Leveraged against you
Time released to hurt you the most

And what about your own mouth
How you disqualify yourself
Long before you move forward
Fear keeps your gifts on the shelf

You rehearse every negative feeling, emotion and thought
Letting it run wild in your mind
Rehearsing the pain of every battle fought
Taking pleasure in cherishing every lie

You say, “Everything is going wrong
Must be the way it’s…

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About gentlekindness

Annie is a compassionate writer with a powerful voice that resonates with the readers. She speaks the truth with transparency and a vulnerability that empowers and inspires her readers and fans. She is a poet, a guitarist, an amazing singer and a blogger.

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