The World Of Yoga.. & The Benefits!

All Things Positive, All Things Spiritual


Happy Saturday everyone!

So for the last couple of weeks i’ve been immersing myself in yoga everyday. I started it because despite all my daily workouts, I am still not very flexible. & I have long legs so people always think that I am, & I should be! I’m far off from the poses in that picture, but I can honestly say I feel a lot healthier & happier nonetheless.

So for those who don’t know what yoga is, the question you should be asking is what it isn’t ! Yoga is a healthy exercise which is proven to have a positive effect on our physical & mental health & also our spirit. It originates in India & is believed to date all the way back to BC times. It lines in & connects deeply with religion, spirituality & meditation. I personally use it to unwind & relax, &…

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