Damaged Goods and Discrediting Women

the liminal life of m

I’ve now lived completely clean and drug free for 15 months. 1 and 1/4 years.

It was just about a year ago I started my first “fearless moral inventory” of myself. I started with a simple last of my values, what I hold dear as moral principles. I inventoried my morals. Then I inventoried myself and compared the list. One of the most startling things I uncovered in that process was how often I would be silent in the face of terrible injustices and then get high to deal with my own cowardice. Not to be too hard on myself there were times where in spite of varying states of inebriation and drug-influence I did still manage to do the right thing. But over and over and over I turned away. I did nothing. I made excuses to be silent and be “safe.”

I can’t live a sober life and be…

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