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No Contact with the Narcissist

no contact 8 months

November 15th will be my 8 month anniversary of NO CONTACT with my abusive partner. I still have narcissists in my family that I want to break contact with but I am stuck in the situation for the time being. Let us hope that I can get on my feet and be able to take control back of my life to the fullest extent.Β 

10 thoughts on “No Contact with the Narcissist”

  1. You will be in my thoughts and prayers, and I’ll be sending good wishes and hopes your way.

    In case no one else has said it to you… I’m proud of you. And you should be proud of yourself, because you are fighting a difficult fight, and you’re not giving up.

    Stay strong, my friend. πŸ™‚


  2. Big hugs to you & you’re in my thoughts. It’s always a joy & inspiration to see others going forward with their lives. I know you will succeed in everything that you do. β™₯


  3. Congratulations! Only you can know the timing in which these things are to be confronted… your intuition will tell you when and how to deal with your family. I have a similar family situation. But 8 months, how awesome is that?!!! Like anonymous outsider said up there, if no one’s said they’re proud of you….know that we are!

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