Domestic violence perpetrators are NOT angry men

Avalanche of the soul

Mainstream media must stop pedaling the dangerous myth that domestic violence is caused by anger.


Reading an opinion piece published this week, which insisted that anger is the root cause of domestic violence (and terrorism), my blood pressure shot up in exasperation.

Domestic violence is a global epidemic of epic proportions: A staggering 38 million people in the world today have experienced domestic violence. It affects more women than war and cancer combined, and one in four females will go through the trauma of an abusive relationship in their lifetime.

So when an undoubtedly well-intentioned individual trots out a practically prehistoric paradigm, which reinforces misconceptions about domestic violence, even I struggle not to see red.

Because anger is not the cause of domestic violence.

I got pretty angry reading the article. Did I bang out a furious email in ALL CAPS cursing out the misinformed writer? Did I rush…

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