Spiritual Abuse: some highlights


I spent a few weeks compulsively special-interesting in the topic of spiritual abuse, and am here distilling my findings thus far.  I’m not an expert etc etc, and I’m using “spiritual abuse” to include religious abuse and other related belief system abuse — not to exclude non-religious settings whose practices may well match.

Point 1:  You are valid.  No matter what.  Whether you stay in the religion/sect/practice/belief system, whether you find another, whether you swear off the topic altogether, whether you just don’t think about it, whether you do something else.  Whatever religious or spiritual beliefs you do or don’t have, do or don’t end up with — your experience, and choice to name abuse (or not) is valid.

Point 2:  The following is a broad net!  You get to define your own experience.  You don’t need a certain number of bullet points to “qualify,” and you don’t need a…

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