Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn – Pete Walker

my child within

4fDear friends,

I have been reading Pete Walker’s bookComplex PTSD- From surviving to thriving – as recommended by the lovely http://www.healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.com/

This book has helped me immensely identify how often I am triggered with emotional flashbacks. It also helped me identify the 2 F types I mostly use. I am primarily a Fawn type but also have moments of Freezing..Fawn types are people-pleasers, codependents. I am no longer as bad a Fawn type as I used to be, as I am now no longer trying to please everyone. If they hurt me, I tell them and I walk away. I try not too care too much anymore about ‘fixing’ others either. I am happy to be empathetic and offer help when I see the other person wants it. I no longer allow others to manipulate my insecurities to get what they want. Years of therapy has helped me…

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1 thought on “Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn – Pete Walker”

  1. I have purchased this book too after reading about it on her blog as well! I look forward to reading it, thought it would make a nice holiday read if I was feeling too sentimental and dysfunctional. Still reading about neuroplasticity right now, forging new neuropathways so the mind does not go to the limbic brain for memories/intrusive thoughts during the holidays. Do something different rather than try to recreate something that doesn’t, won’t, and has never existed. I can see I have at different times touched on dealing with life by using all 4 of those listed, but happily can also see I’ve abandoned them as well- progress, it’s a beautiful thing. Much happiness to you Annie.

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