Eggshells Hurt My Feet

Janene Simpson

Image result for walking on eggshells

Do you ever feel like you are walking on eggshells around your partner? You just can’t seem to find the words that won’t trigger a negative response from him. If anything goes wrong you bite your tongue and let him find out for himself so maybe, just maybe he won’t be able to find a way to blame you.

He never listens to you anyway, if you try to explain something he can’t hear you over his own voice. If he can’t immediately find a way to make it your fault he just talks louder to drown you out. If you attempt to speak over him he will accuse you of yelling at him. Aha! Now you are to blame for overreacting. Nicely played wasn’t it?

Have you ever let your children go without something they wanted just to keep him from making life a living nightmare? Have you ever…

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