The Divine Feminine


The Divine Feminine

Truly without comparison, one of the most important elements, which holds the world together. The Divine Feminine, is something sacred, forming of connections which last throughout a life time.

Feminine brings a gentler nature, a softer touch in a world of harshness all around. Yet, it can’t be described as being weak, or any form of weakness. It takes a great amount of courage and maternal instincts, to hold firm, to give life, to watch it grow, nurturing that comes with love, only a mother is able to do.

Imagine the desert, filled with sand, like an ocean only made of sand. As far as the eyes are able to see. Adding the scorching heat, from the sun above. Unrelentlessly sending heat waves after heat waves. Without any shades, to cover under, with the same burning, like flames itself. Water is more valuable than gold, in the…

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