Narcissist Strips Your Dignity

image chef dignity

The narcissist wants to strip you of your dignity. They want to crush your self esteem. 

You do not have to believe what they tell you or feel the way they want you to feel. The words of a narcissist are designed to evoke an emotional reaction from you. They feed off of your negative feelings. 

Making you cry and making you angry makes the narcissist and the psychopathic narcissist feel powerful. It is fuel to make them exist in the powerful way they want to. 

Once you escape these feelings of lo self esteem and lack of dignity will try to stay with you. The narcissist systematically programmed these feelings into your subconscious. 

The way you hold your body has an effect on your sympathetic nervous system. If your posture is the same as when the narcissist was demeaning you, then those feelings will automatically be triggered. 

Think of a time you felt confident. Try holding the posture that is associated with this feeling. It will help to rewire the nervous system to get rid of the low feelings. 

Walk with dignity. You never deserved the abuse. It was their problem and nothing you did to deserve it. Walk with your head high and generate confidence. They had no right to strip you of it in the first place. 


3 thoughts on “Narcissist Strips Your Dignity”

  1. So true.. our posture becomes a posture of defeat. My chiropractor pointed this out to me recently. I have found gentle network chiropractic such as she uses really helps as muscles and tendons and fascia can get locked in by the entire trauma bonding experience where we try so hard to please the narcissist and then get crushed and defeated under their negative programming.


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