ghosting, the act of deleting a person you are in a relationship of some kind with, like they never existed and without any closure. so easy to do now a days with text messages and email. i think it is evil, cruel and disgusting. if you cared  once for someone you wouldn’t just remove them from your life without a good by or “hey it just wasn’t meant to be. how tough is it to say that compared to just removing someone from your world that you have been involved with and supposedly loved. its all about control and leaving you without any closure making you wonder what is wrong with you or what did you that is so unlovable about yourself. cruelty at its finest.

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  1. Intention is what needs to be looked at and with a sociopath the intention of “ghosting” is devaluation. Truthfully, it speaks more about them and shows their true colors…covertly abusive and cruel. One could say that a partner who goes no contact due to needing to protect themseves emotionally is “ghosting” as well, but the intention is self love and preservation rather than manipulative emotional control or covert programming. It’s mind blowing that some can act in this way to a person they once claimed to love and still live with themselves or sleep at night. My take is that when one is ghosted in the devaluation/discard stage of a relationship with a manipulative person , it might hurt for a bit but at the end of the day… it’s a straight up gift. It means you weren’t selling out and being naive enough for them. Only the best get ghosted by manipulative types.
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