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Brain Fog / PTSD from Narcissistic Abuse / Domestic Abuse

5 thoughts on “Brain Fog / PTSD from Narcissistic Abuse / Domestic Abuse”

  1. Brain fog… fight or flight….they always forget to mention “freeze.” I was diagnosed with PTSD and was told that I froze. I’m still frozen. I think one of the reasons I rarely leave my house is because if I do get where I’m going….I can’t remember how I got there.


    1. Yes I Think that a lot of people do not know about the freeze. I had always heard fight or flight. But when I got PTSD from abuse, I began to experience the freeze and I wondered if I was the only one in the world that had that. You know I would see or hear something that triggered a flashback, and made me feel threatened and I would not be able to move or barely breath.
      Finally I heard someone mention the freeze and I felt a little validated. Then I recently heard Spartan Life Coach mention the “fawn” “fawning”
      This is when you panic that the psychopath will leave you. You flashback (emotional flashback) to abandonment, then you just begin to kind of fall to their feet and do anything they want…you fawn over them, baby them, be their doormat.

      I feel bad for you that you can barely leave your house. It is a terrible feeling to be afraid to go out. I spent about 6 months mostly in my bed. When I had to go out for groceries, it had to be late in the middle of the night and to a 24 hour grocery store. At 1 am there is no one in the store., so I did not have people all around me like during the day.

      Your experience of not knowing how you got somewhere sounds like derealization / depersonalization disorder. I have experienced those also. Mostly I get the derealization part, but kind of the depersonalixation. They kind of go together but not exactly the same.
      If you have not heard of them, you can find some info on google. If you need links let me know. I will see what I can send you.
      You can also try to search the tags on wordpress.



      1. I think it may be too late now. It’s not that that I’m afraid to go out. I just don’t want to. That’s part of the freezing, I think.
        I used to make quilts and shop….I don’t do any of those anymore. I just don’t want to. I live off of Boost and even have that delivered. When I froze…it was just that. I couldn’t do anything and I didn’t want to do anything. I’m so comfortable with it now, that it really doesn’t bother me. I have enough sense left to understand that I am wasting my life….but I don’t care about that either. I’m actually okay with it. Sigh.


    2. You should not have to go out if you do not want to. It is ok to get your food delivered. Do you know that you can have other food delivered? I have ordered food from CVS, Amazon, and Walmart online before. The delivery is fast.

      I wish you happiness and peace of mind. Do you like to watch Netflix? What kinds of movies or tv shows do you like?


      1. I don’t have Netflix. I have thought about getting it, though. I watch anything that has to do with medicine or fire/police/ems. I enjoyed those two new shows, Blind Spot and Mr. Robot (although I’m about as computer literate as a cricket.) I really don’t watch the television much anymore. There’s a lot of crap that is just ridiculous. I do watch Jeopardy, hoping to stimulate what’s left of my mind 🙂

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