A Prison Without Walls. A novel exploring the psychological implications of gas lighting in romantic relationships.

The soul, the Spirit & the Self

A Prison without walls is a Psychological war between two opposing forces in humanity. It lives in humans and feeds a collective agenda via FEAR. The cost of the psychological warfare is neurosis and psychosis. Two very serious conditions created by fear.
The world we live in is bigger than the physical reality that we know. It’s has a psychological reality, an emotional reality, a spiritual reality and an astral/dream reality. You’re more than what you think. We don’t acquire freedom by adamantly supporting a cause that’s destructive, or a war, defending against terror attacks! This is reductionism, reducing the event happening to you by distraction techniques from the TV, Music and Media. The terrorist is closer than you think. You’ve been foolish if you believe a terrorism is only a physical threat. A Terrorist work’s among you. You may even be sleeping with the devil yourself.

In moments of…

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