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Mobbing and Scapegoating

One of the worst brainwashing suggestions that scapegoats receive is that they are not loved…not even liked. Not only does the family treat you like a defective appliance, they also lead you to believe that no one could ever love you.

They have techniques and mothodology to program your brain into believing you are unlovable and unlikable. None of it is true, but if you have experienced hardcore mobbing and scapegoating, you know how it feels to wonder why no one loves you.

The narcissist and their followers will systematically break you down. They make you doubt your identity and the person you want to see yourself as. They violate your perception of yourself, and make you feel like you deserve to be left out…not just by them….but by everyone.

This isolation can be devastating.

Please know that the narcissists methods are cruel and unusual punishment, which you do not deserve. They targeted you for mobbing because they needed everyone to share their narrative of reality. The narcissist needed someone to blame for all the chaos and damage they caused.

They intentionally isolate you from having friends and other family who love you. They drove away anyone who might mirror your true self back to you. Instead, they lied and told you that you are defective.

This abuse is so painful that is can lead to chronic anxiety and depression. In fact nearly everyone I have ever met with bipolar disorder was exposed to some kind of abuse by a narcissistic, abusive family member.

As the scapegoat, you were the one everyone pointed their fingers at to blame for everything. When you tried to stand up to the abuse, they found a twisted way to make you think that it was your fault. That there was something about you that made them have to treat you they way they did.

If you are an adult now, and ended up with an abuser, or in a family of abusive in-laws, they are just continuing the same dark patterns that all abusers engage it.

Even when you begin to see abuse as abuse, and learn about narcissism, the self doubt still exists. It can be like a pervasive darkness.

Reach out to others who will validate your truth. Find people who can accept and love you for the person you really are. Get away from that twisted picture that your abusers hung on their wall and pointed to as you.

Abuse is abuse. You never did, nor do you now, deserve to be manipulated, mobbed or scapegoated.

You are a special, unique soul with compassion, and special gifts to share with others who deserve your time and your love.



7 thoughts on “Mobbing and Scapegoating”

  1. You have been peeping into my life. The last two paragraphs, however…my damaged brain has not been able to even entertain those statements, let alone wrap my head around them and believe them.
    Excellent post!


    1. It is interesting how the stories of abused people show the same tactics being used by the abusers over and over. I just recounted my life as it is now. The wrote the encouraging things at the end. I hope that one day you will feel that you deserve to be treated with love. I am certain you never deserved any abuse.


  2. I swear that Narcissists have a playbook. The patterns, once known are unmistakable in their actions and those of their apaths. From my own experience of this, I wish that the socialpathy of Narcissism and Narcissist Predators was taught in self defence classes.
    Selfishly, I wish that the tactics of ‘divide and conquer’ weren’t so effective against even very ordinary and usually kind people. The worst lingering effect that I’ve experienced is that apaths continue to pass along false gossip and their own Narc-given misperceptions and regardless of who I am in truth… the lies live on with not a question or concern raised to me directly. It feels like a soul serial killer with a million zombie clones invaded my life.

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    1. Yes…a soul serial killer.
      I agree
      You are right about the lies and slander. People seem to believe them because they are such good actors. When you try to tell…or even show people….the truth about you, they don’t want to make the effort to hear you out. The lies are already brandee into them.
      Then the weird thing is….the narcissist just looks at you as if they have performed some sort of magic trick which you are futile trying to break the spell.

      Then you get this look…..you know….the “warned you not to cross me…. look.

      Their wrath is soul raping and identity raping. They will find out what the most important thing is and wjo the most important people are to you…and take them away and turn them against you……
      Even after you have tried to be as fair and humane as possible with the narcissist. It is like the kinder you were to them the crueler they are to you…..just to make sure they crush all of who you were and erase you

      …until you become suicidal. I think they would love that
      Imagine how they would drink the narc supply from your death….they would turn it into All Anout Them…

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