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Narcissists Lie When They Tell You They are Co-Parenting with You

counter parent

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6 thoughts on “Narcissists Lie When They Tell You They are Co-Parenting with You”

  1. Ain’t it the almost unbearable truth? I told my soon to be ex husband how my daughter shared with me her witnessing him taking money out of my pocketbook (when she was a teenager) – how he scrambled – how sad the lengths, their disturbing abilities and need. We collectively shake our heads and wonder how – and all that time we loved them so! That is unfair.


    1. I had an ex that I used to have to hide my purse from….or sometimes I slept on top of it like a pillow. Even after I moved out from him, I used to sleep with my purse right next to my bed. The feeling of not being safe continues long after the relationship is over….post traumatic stress disorder. …I slept in my clothes for 6 months,,,everything bra, jeans, shirt and sweater…

      Sending you caring thoughts and healing energy,
      Much love,
      Annie ❤


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