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Darkness of the Psychopathic Narcissist

One of the things that people never believe, unless they have experienced it first hand, is how dark malignant narcissists actually are. The lengths they will go to destroy you is terrifying.

They will slowly convince you through gaslighting that there is something wrong with your mind…to the point where you actually question your own reality. This is very difficult to snap out of after you are no longer in tbe relationship, and impossible to fully detach from during tbe relationship.

Wondering about whether or not you are perceiving situations correctly is so terrifying that it can slowly cause physiological changes in the brain that are the same as various mental illnesses.

I believe that many people with mental illness were abused by a narcissist or a psychopath during their lives and have no idea about it. Children growing up with a malignant, toxic person do not have any frame of reference of what normal is.

Some adults realize that they were exposed to instances of abuse as children or teenagers, because the incidents they are able to identify are either  of a physical nature that caused injury, or of a sexual nature.

They are not aware of the constant mind manipulation and intentional gaslighting which occurred years before the abuse they can identify as abuse. The incidents of physical abuse are terrible, but there was continuous mental manipulation which caused the brain to begin to show signs of mental illness like anxiety disorders, severe depression, OCD, and suicidal thoughts.

Many victims of abuse as adults, are reopening emotional, and psychological wounds that were already caused during childhood.

Adults that cannot recall any physical abuse often do not see their abusers as abusers. There are narcissists that get away with manipulating their children’s reality, their self esteem, and their perception of the narcissistic parent. Narcissists want their victims to feel at fault for the abuse, making the victim unable to identify the abuse as abuse.

Those of us that came across the terms malignant narcissist, gaslighting, and mental abuse are in the minority. Imagine how many people are walking around, thinking there is something innately wrong with them, and they do not realize that their psychological state was inflicted upon them by another person, just so that person could use them to feed off of.

Malignant narcissists are not just arrogant,  delusional people. They are malicious, exploitative monsters that cause their victims to become confused about their own perception of reality….to the point that they doubt their own perceptions and cannot even identify abuse as abuse.

Is it any wonder that children brought up this way end up ensnared by another abuser? When the abuse begins, the victim doubts their own ability to perceive what they feel, see and hear. They discount abusive behavior, and are easily gaslighted into believing it is not abuse.

Psychopaths target people that have already been broken by a narcissist. They know what signs to look for. They know how to test you, in order to see if you will respond to their brainwashing.

You have to reprogram your braim to get rid of the viruses that were installed into you. Otherwise it is difficult to recognize abuse when it starts.

Predators look for the best targets for them to destroy. These people have an extreme darkness within them.



7 thoughts on “Darkness of the Psychopathic Narcissist”

  1. Society NEEDS to become more aware (or, actually, just aware, really) that narcissists aren’t just arrogant assholes. They are predators and parasites, in the literal sense of both meanings. (I’m not simply using those words to be cruel… As dangerous as they are, and as much as we all need to stay the hell away….I still can hold a space of compassion for them. After all, they didn’t ask for this. Someone forced it on them the way they force their destruction on us. But I digress…)

    I think so much of the problem of victim-shaming comes from the fact that people just can’t understand what the hell we survivors went through within the context of that relationship. Like I mentioned in a post I wrote about minimizing: their abusive behavior is often so subtle, subversive and covert, that it makes a survivor’s efforts to try to explain what was done to her almost guaranteed to get her labeled “crazy” or “bipolar”…. Which coincidentally is almost always the central theme of the narcissist’s smear campaign against her. How convenient, right?

    I mean, even by bestest friend in the whole world- a woman of overwhelming compassion and empathy, and always open and understanding with me- couldn’t quite comprehend what the hell my problem was, when I’d get upset over the possibility that my husband may have just run off with another woman. She would just ask me, “So what if he did? You told him to move out. That it was over. And now, he’s gone….and good riddance to bad rubbish!”

    And I never had any good explanation. I didn’t even get it, at the time…and so, I’d inevitably offer up some lame response about how we were supposed to separate amicably, and that he wasn’t just supposed to take the car and drive off (pretending to be at a conference, when really he was out getting a new apartment, and new car, and new job…all behind my back, and then refused to tell me where he was now living, because I was supposedly “unstable”). He wasn’t supposed to just act like I never happened…. Just run and hide, and then never speak to me again… As though I didn’t exist. As though eight years of marriage and two children meant less than nothing to him.

    My friend just didn’t get why it bothered me. No one got why it bothered me so much.
    Trying to explain how traumatic the silent treatment is, when it’s being dished out by someone you wanted to divorce and be rid of anyway, is….. Well, it’s inexplicable, obviously. But, again, that’s the whole purpose of that kind of abuse.

    People need to be aware of this. Young women ought to be taught the signs as a matter of course. We need more protection from these dark men. Everything they do is with the aim of destruction…and laying blame at the survivor’s feet…and the way they go about it, is really quite genius, actually.

    Too bad these troubled men won’t choose to use their powers for good, instead of evil.

    Great post!
    ~The Narcissist’s Wife

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      1. I think that’s part of the mind-fuck… we don’t expect people to act in such heinous ways, so we tend to rationalize it. “It can’t just be malice…it must be….”.
        Normal people with empathy just can’t wrap their minds around such horrifying behavior.

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