Narcissistic Abuse Tumblr Blog

Narcissistic Abuse Tumblr Blog by gentlekindness 🙂

You can follow me on tumblr too. We have to get the word out about narcissism and narcissistic abuse. People need to know that psychopaths and psychopathic narcissists live among us, and interact with us in the real world. 

Psychopaths are not just in the movies. You will not recognize one unless you know what you are looking for. When a psychopath targets you, they will become the perfect partner, friend, business partner, or whatever. They will make themselves into a mold of who you want them to be. 

Only education can really help you to recognize a narcissist or a psychopath. People go into one relationship after another with narcissists and do not know how to identify them. Our children are not taught about psychopaths in the schools. 

They do not teach people how to recognize psychopaths are church. Books are narcissists and psychopaths are not usually on the main display shelves in the book stores. Unfortunately most of us learned it from experience that eventually lead us to take that “red pill” and then we began educating ourselves. 

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Narcissistic Abuse Tumblr Blog by gentlekindness 🙂




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