Another Side of Domestic Violence: Sexual Abuse

Picking Up the Pieces

How many of us, when we hear a story on the news about a stranger being molested or sexually assaulted, stop and meditate on the pain and stigma that person will carry with them after this crime has occurred?  How many feel hurt for them in their heart at the trauma they have been subjected to, at the cruelty and malice with which the most intimate part of their being was damaged, shattering their trust beyond repair?  Some will make up reasons that these assaults happened, and so few of them actually focus on the party to blame: the perpetrator.  They justify that the girl was a prostitute, so she deserved it.  That she was dressed like she was begging for it.  That it was proper punishment for the type of life they lived or people they kept in their lives.  That she / he should have known better.


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