Out-Manipulating the Manipulator

Soul Healing Art


I have been trying to change my life. I thought I would pass along some of the things I mentally keep within me- my bag of tricks if you will- to lessen the impact of those who are less than kind in my life.

How To Out-Manipulate Manipulators

1. Ignore the Manipulator’s Feelings
This definitely goes against most of our natures. When we see someone upset (and God forbid if we feel we have a hand in upsetting someone), we immediately want to make things better. But with manipulators, you can NOT do this. Manipulators are used to everyone responding to their rage, tears, sense of injustice, and constant victimization.

Stop it. Stop worrying about how they feel. When you care about their feelings, you end up on their hook. If you need to interact with a manipulator, say your peace and then MOVE ON. You don’t need to…

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