The A – Z’s of Everyday Malignant Narcissists

After Narcissistic Abuse

There’s so much written about Narcissistic Personality disorder and narcissism these days that it’s hard to sort through what we, as survivors of this abuse know to be true about malignant narcissism and how it impacts us.

Let’s re-examine what we’ve learned by having been abused by one or two of them.

A – Amoral. Narcissists are unscrupulous in their conduct towards others. More than merely disloyal and exploitative, they are the con men and women of the human race whose malicious behavior arises against anyone who gets in the way of getting what they want.

B – Boastful. Narcissists get their feelings of worth from outside sources of supply; other people. A narc will regale others, ad nauseum, with all the “blessings” in life which others are to infer comes from them being such “great people”: money, cars, homes, celebrity lifestyle, expensive vacations, worldly trips, admiration and compliments from others. They’re just not able…

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