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What Belongs to the Narcissist?

4 thoughts on “What Belongs to the Narcissist?”

  1. Bingo. And don’t even try to talk to them rationally about any of it. You’ll just get the most bizarre tangle of excuses, rationalizations and lies that will leave you seething in even more rage. Been there too.


    1. This is true. They come up with the weirdest rationalizations. I was once told my by ex in laws that it was only fair that the title to my car be transferred to their name….because…they had taken my keys out of my purse and taken my car to get the oil changed without my permission…”as a favor”…but then “because we have been doing “all the maintenance” on your car, it should be in our name.


      1. Because my exN did not get the house or custody of the kids in the divorce i believe he resents that to this day. Things have gone missing from my house, things he knew were important to me. While i dont have proof, i have learned to trust my gut instinct. Wish i could catch him though!


      2. Amazon.com sells video monitoring equipment which does not look like cameras. Things that look like other objects that would be in the room.

        You can look up nanny cam or home monitoring video taping equipment on Amazon. Some of the things are less expensive than others.

        I do believe you that he is stealing things. The more concerning thing to me is that it is a form of stalking. Stalkers can become very dangerous.

        Best to talk to police about what is required to get a restraining order. The local women’s shelter may have someone that works there who knows the local restraining order laws and what to do.

        Change the locks and get some kind of security system….even if you can only afford something for the main door….then purchase stickers on eBay that say full security monitoring and just stick them on the Windows and doors.

        A dog would help too.


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