Why he only hurts you when he’s drunk (or high)

Avalanche of the soul

Are you convinced that your husband’s drug addiction is the reason he abuses you? Does your remorseful partner earnestly plead, ‘I only hit you when I’m drunk’? Do you struggle to understand why he won’t give up something which causes him to inflict so much hurt on you? Then there are FOUR FACTS that you need to know, right now.

Photo by aforeroPhoto by aforero

Ignoring the elephant in the room

In my posts on ‘My Story’, I outlined the connection between my ex’s abusive behaviour and his cannabis use. For me, it seemed a no-brainer. He began smoking the drug (as far as I know) shortly after I became pregnant with our child. The abuse emerged at around the same time.

Everything seemed to point the finger of blame firmly toward cannabis: His paranoia and delusional jealousy, the emotional meltdowns, the gaslighting, the red mist rages, the fact that his…

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