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Can you Warn the New Victim of Your Narcissist?

Just because we point out the hole someone is about to fall into, does not mean we are being cruel to the person who dug the hole.

We are just trying to keep the person from falling in, because we recognize the hunter who is patiently watching them….and waiting for that person to fall into their carefully crafted trap. 

When the prey sees the hunter through the rose colored glasses he gave them, they think we are demonizing the hunter. 

They are under the spell of the narcissist. The narcissist usually anticipates that their discarded victim will try to warn other about them. Always 5 steps ahead of you, the narcissist has already gotten to the people you might warn, before you ever think of telling them the truth. 

You have most likely already been discredited by your abuser, with lies about your anger disorder, your mental instability and your desire to be vindictive. It does not have to be the truth for the new victim to believe it. It simply has to come out of the mouth of the narcissist that they are now under the spell of. 

You have little to no chance to convince the new victim to believe you about the nature of the abuser. It is just the same as when you were first under the spell of the predator yourself.

You probably would not have believed an emotional ex girlfriend who they had already told you was abusive to them. They will think you are either trying to get the narcissist back for yourself, or that you want to break them up to prevent their happiness.

7 thoughts on “Can you Warn the New Victim of Your Narcissist?”

  1. Yes, I am facing this reality now. I tried to warn my Narcissist’s next victim by tweeting her a link to my blog. Within 5 minutes she had obviously told him because I had 20 hate texts from him. I am sure that he has convinced her and everyone else within his circle that I am crazy, angry, depressed, unstable, etc. etc. So, now I will focus on me… the next victim will have to learn for herself, just like I did…


    1. Yes, they already anticipate that you will attempt to warn the new one. They know you are compassionate enough and have a conscience that you would not enjoy watching another victim lured and destroyed.

      One of the very first conversations with the new target is almost always about how crazy their ex is….even if they are still with you. …although they will not let on to the new target that they are still with you.

      Often they will tell the new target that you “think” they are still together with you, even though you are not. In the mean time they are still telling you they want to be with you and only you.

      They lie to both partners about each other. You get made out to be abusive and crazy.

      The more we get this info out there, the less easy victims these narcissists will have to pick from. No one knows this information because it is still in the corners of the internet.

      Thank you for reading and sharing your story.

      Annie 🌷🌹💜

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