Rape Victims Shamed by the U.S. Court System


This is yet another example of how victims of abuse and rape are tormented and shamed in the court rooms of the United States. This is a disgrace. 

It encourages and enables rapists to do whatever they feel like doing. It minimizes the danger of a psychopathic predator, which is who commits this kind of crime. 

Shaming the victim with ridiculous questions and redirection is traumatizing to the victim. It is another trauma on top of the one she has already gone through. 

The lawyers should be ashamed of themselves, yet they go home and sleep fine at night. Tell me what kind of person could do this job of tormenting a rape victim in the court room? 

Correct. Another malignant narcissist, build with the same lack of empathy and lack of remorse that the rapist has.

Trigger warning. Graphic and may re-traumatize abuse victims.


10 thoughts on “Rape Victims Shamed by the U.S. Court System”

  1. Powerful post. What a strong woman to have written that post but also to have directly addressed her attacker. Shame on him for not owning up to his crime. What an inspirational woman. I’m sure she will help many others.


  2. Great post about a troubling topic. I am here due to a reblog from Persia Karema. Former President Jimmy Carter wrote a sequel to “Half the Sky” by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, which focuses on maltreatment of women in America called “A Call to Action.” Two areas were discussed around rape victims on college campuses and in the military. Few victims come forward as the system treats them less like a victim.

    It is hard enough in general society to prosecute a rapist, but in the military and on college campuses, it is even harder. The victim’s character is assaulted, while the rapist’s character seems less important. Oh, he made a mistake, or as the father of the Stanford swimmer said, “he is being punished for twenty minutes of action” defining it as if it was a swim contest.

    My daughter is a rising sophomore at college. She is level headed, smart and wary. Yet, if she made a bad decision or even an impulsive one and went to the wrong party, she is at risk. She could drink a date rape drug (the Bill Cosby cocktail) or just get tipsy and be taken advantage of by guys who should know better and some who don’t. Alcohol and testosterone are bad mixes, especially with others around.

    Women should not be punished for being a victim.

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    1. Yes I recently watched a documentary about rape in college campuses. The victims are discouraged from reporting it to the police. And the colleges very rarely expel the rapists.

      They fear being retaliated against by the family of the rapist. And they do not want exposure as a college that has rape….although most all colleges do….they just cover it up.

      All we can do to protect our college daughters….(I have one too)….is to teach them preventative measures and safety awareness. After that we have to hope and pray.

      Psychopaths and malignant narcissists are about 5 to 8 percent of the population. A certain percentage of them rape people and another percentage of them assist in covering up or demeaning the victims.

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      1. Best wishes with your daughter and the ideas you have shared with her. Colleges have tended to protect their brand as did the Catholic Church. Penn State is a great example with the pedophile coach. My suggestion is to find a police force not affiliated with the college to report the rape. It may require going outside of a small town where the college dominates.

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