Narcissistic mother types..

my child within

Growing up with one toxic parent is very difficult. If you are unlucky enough to have had two toxic parents, then the damage would have been even more destructive on your young brain.

Toxic people are exactly what the word says. They can be very negative, manipulating, abusive, controlling and exhausting to be around.

The most well known type of toxic individuals are those who score high on the narcissistic/psychopathic spectrum.


In this blog post,  I want to focus on narcissistic mothers.The pain caused by a mother who can’t bond healthily with her child is unbearable. The subsequent traumatic effect this has on the brain of a young child is awful and it can cause complex ptsd, depression and anxiety (There are many more conditions caused but I have only listed a few).

The child doesn’t experience the normal nurturing & bonding experience that it should, as narcissistic mothers aren’t…

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