Accepting Emotions and Healing Old Wounds – Emotophobia


Instead of trying to stop feeling the emotions that you feel, when you see them as negative emotions, show yourself love. Accept the emotions you are feeling.

Investigate within yourself and find out why you are really feeling this emotion. Show compassion and empathy to yourself and allow yourself to have feelings without judging yourself for them.

Emotophobia is the fear of negative emotions. Many people that grew up with chaos, trauma or abuse, have a form of emotophobia. You may have been taught that feeling certain emotions was wrong or bad.

Many of us were taught that feeling certain emotions was selfish, weak and that you were to be judged for it. You should not have to judge yourself for feeling things.

Repressing emotions does not make them go away. It does not deal with the problem that is underneath of the emotions that are coming up.

Being judged…

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2 thoughts on “Accepting Emotions and Healing Old Wounds – Emotophobia”

  1. Nice post. I struggle with my emotions every single day due to my past and PTSD. My therapist tells me all the time to not be so hard on myself but I literally dont know how to do that.


    1. When I work with my clients, I have them identify what beliefs are underlying the thoughts.
      And then identify where the thoughts came from / who programmed them into you.

      False beliefs are carried in the subconscious. You can access that part of the brain through some light hypnosis or hypnotic state conversarion with a life coach.

      Once you identify the beliefs.. Such as “There is something wrong with me that makes me undeserving of happiness”…

      Then you work to discredit that belief and prove to your subconscious brain that it is not true.

      It can be helpful to identify who put the belief into you. That way you can discredit that belief by discrediting the persons right to say it/ discredit the person because they were manipulating you for purposes of their own agenda/ discredit the person because they were abusive/ discredit that person right to tell you who you are because they never really got to know the real you.

      If you are interested in coaching with me , you can visit the
      gentlekindness coaching web site.
      You can also follow the gentlekindness coaching Facebook page.

      Let me know if you need the links. I can send them when I am at a laptop and not my cell phone.

      Annie -gentlekindness coaching.


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