But Why ?

But why are they like this?

Why do I attract them?

Why can’t they accept my love?

Why don’t they feel bad?

How could they?

How do they sleep at night?

Why do they mislead you?

Why can’t they love me?

Why do they lie about everything?

Why did they choose me?

Why don’t they return my texts?

Why did they show up after so long, acting like nothing happened?

What did I do to deserve this?

How did I end up with another one?

Why do I miss them?

Will they be okay without me?

Why do they keep changing what they want?

Why do they do things that are bad for them too?

How does their behavior make any sense?

How can I recover what I’ve lost?

How can I compete in the world next to normal people?

Why does the whole world seem dark now?

Why do I not even want to see good in the world anymore?

How do I move on?

What the hell were they thinking ?

Why would he leave me for her?

Why would he choose them over me?

Why do I miss them?

Why can’t I get them out of my head?

How could he terrorize me on purpose?

Why did they leave me with nothing to live on?

How do other people not see through their lies?

Why do people treat me like I’m the problem ?

What did he /she tell them about me?

Why don’t they hear me out?

How did I get here?

Why don’t I believe in my dreams anymore?

Why can’t I see a livable future ?

Why do I get so confused?

Why do I dream of them?

Why do I miss them?

Why don’t they value the history we had together?

How can they just throw it all away?

Why won’t they tell me why?

Why won’t they explain themselves ?

Why aren’t they sorry?

Why don’t they care anymore?

How can they just ignore me?

How could they turn on me?

Why would they sabatage me?

Why can’t I stop thinking about what they did?

How could they?

Didn’t it mean anything to them?

Don’t they remember what we’ve been through together?

How can they behave this way?

How do they sleep at night?

Did I see a smirk?

Did they turn their back, to hide a smile?

How is my pain what they were after?

How could they have been faking their feelings ?

What about those times they were emotional?

How could they do such monstrous things?

Are they setting her/him up too?

Why do they look happier with her/him?

Why did their look change?

Why did their interests change?

How can they be so cold?

How could they be so callous?

Is nothing meaningful to them?

Was I completely meaningless to them?

What the fuck?


This list of questions, are all things that I have heard over and over from my clients.

These are the questions that roll around in people’s heads, keeping them awake at night.

The after-effects of a close relationship with a sociopath /psychopath, draw you into your head in a way that feels like there is no way out.


Will the questions be answered?

Will it help if they ever are?

Why do these people exist?

Why do they look jist like everyone else?

How can I know it won’t happen to me again?

What do I keep doing wrong?

How do I fix what they broke?


We will explore these questions and more, in this blog.

Some questions have logical answers , although the answers aren’t what you think.

Some questions have answers , but you might not want to hear the answer or be reasy for the truth yet. Or you just might surprise your self, and fibd that the truth helps you to develop of better, more accurate mawp of reality ; one that will serve you better.

Some of the questions have very dark realoties , as parr of their answer.

Others will point you in a direction of finding the possibility of light again.

Some questions are not really answerable , with a ‘one response fits all’ kind of response . It depends on what perspective will support you the best.

Some answers will change over time for you.

In some cases, with certain questions, partial answer can serve you for the time being , and a more complete answers will be able to be accepted later on.

Some questions need the cooperation of your own perception of reality to fill in what answer serves you best.

And even those can change , as you continue to allow your map of the territory to grow and expand.

The abuser leaves you locked up in the darkness.

At the same time , your mind longs to expand onto a greater consciousness.

Enjoy our journey together, into the depths of the darkness, to connect with a new kind of light

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