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Narcissists Lie When They Tell You They are Co-Parenting with You

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Realizing the Many Ways the Narcissist Intentionally Interfered with Your Reality

Mental abuse can be endured for years before you realize that it is abuse at all The first dawning realization that their  behaviors are intentional is traumatizing.

After the initial realization that the abuser has been intentionally interfering with our sense of reality and feeding all kind of lies, it is followed by a series of many other light bulbs going off in our heads.

There were so many times that they denied things that we thought might be happening and we believed them. There were so many times when odd things seemed to occur or things that did not make sense and we just ignored them or the narcissist reframed them in such a way that we just took their word for it.

The process of going back over these incidents, with the new found knowledge that we have gained from educating ourselves about narcissistic tactics, can be retraumatizing. Each and every scenario that we now see the truth of, is heartbreaking or angering.

Many of us have gone through this process. This video is to validate you if you are in the midst of this or if you went through it years ago. Sometimes even years later we come to some realization about something that occurred that we believed the abuser about, but the reality of what happened was completely different than the narcissist told us it was.

If you have recently been discarded by a narcissist then this video will give you a heads up about what is going to happen in the next several weeks to you. Be prepared for the memories to come back to you and to see events that you believed to be one way, to have been malicious lies by the narcissist, and even manufactured situations in order to torment you.

The narcissist keeps you in the dark about their other life and about other relationships which they are involved in. They manufacture situations called triangulating just to cause you to feel jealous, threatened, and to lower your self esteem. The lower your self esteem is, the easier they can control you.

As you process what happened to you , it will be shocking and disturbing how many times and how many people they used to manipulate your sense of reality. In many cases, especially with covert narcissists , they intentionally and skillfully put suggestions into your head that you have mental illness.

If you already have some mental disorder, they will play on that and make it the cause of your “not remembering things” properly. They will say it is because of your mental illness that you are paranoid about their activities. They will tell you that your memory is bad and that your memory of things they said, and things they did is not correct.