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Lying Narcissists and Psychopaths

Narcissists and psychopaths lie. They lie as easily and fluidly as other people pour their coffee. They lie as often as other people say hello.

Lying is part of their day. Lying to confuse. Lying to manipulate. Lying to make you look crazy.

Lying is there number one tool. …like the serpent in the Garden of Eden. The more they lie, the better they get at it. And they lie hundreds of times in a week.

They lie when it would be easier to tell the truth and more risky to lie. They lie to cover up their lies. They lie looking you right in the eyes.

They lie when they say “I would never lie to you.”

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There is Light Beyond the Darkness of Mental Abuse

Narcissistic abuse is painful. You can experience such grief in the midst of being emotionally abused that you feel hopeless.

Depression and anxiety can overcome your heart, your mind and your soul. Healing from this extreme level of multi-layered pain takes time.

You are not alone. Living in sn abusive environment is like living in hell. Your reality can become twisted all around by the abuser, who does this intentionally. They get some sadistic pleasure from confusing you and stripping away your identity.

All kinds of symptoms can arise, even months after you are out of the abuse. The psychopath or narcissist wants you to still think about them after they are gone. It feeds their addiction to attention and grandiosity.

You feel small and insignificant…and like you are living under a heavy  weight that you can hardly move underneath of.

You can heal and regain your sense of self. Keep having faith in yourself and imagine the things you want out of life.

You were conditioned…probably from childhood…that what you want does not matter. But why do someone else’s dreams matter more than yours do?

Don’t give up. It gets darker before it gets lighter. There are moments of crushing darkness but the light is still out there waiting for you.

There are other victims who care and can help to lead you out. Talking to people who have not been through narcissistic abuse can retraumatize you. Try to find people who have been there and have gone through the darkness into the light.

Let tbe veil of illusion come down and let the light come in to heal your broken heart and wounded soul.




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Psychopaths and Narcissists in Society

This is a very good video about psychopaths in society. The thing that struck me about this movie is when they were interviewing people on the street about the word psychopath. 

The only thing that most people think about the word psychopath is “crazy”. Most people assume they would know if someone were a 
crazy psychopath” if they were to run into one. 

Every day people interact with psychopaths at work, in school. in the community and in their family and social settings. They do not recognize the psychopath, even when they are right in front of them, telling them that their suit is perfect and that they look phenomenal.

Psychopaths can be charming and complementary to anyone who that they feel would be of some use to them. People are pawns. tools and characters in the psychopath’s play, that write as they wish. 

Psychopath’s can seem like the “pillar of the community”  and like the ideal person with good manners and etiquette. These people learn how to act by watching people. They learn that people have certain facial expressions that go along with certain appropriate emotions.

They watch and mimic people, so that their behaviors do not stand out and set off red flags that would make people stay away from them.

The “psychopathic bond” is very powerful. This is trauma bonding or it might be stockholme syndrome. They psychopath is skilled in getting you to bond with them deeply.