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Taking Revenge on Your Narcissistic Boss – Reasons Not to Do It

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Video Review and Link – The Psychopath Next Door Documentary 2014

This is a very interesting video. The beginning of it is about psychopaths in the workplace and in corporations.

It explains the ways that psychopaths are able to charm their way up the corporate ladder. They manipulate people, lie, deceive clients and generate small cults among their co-workers.

The video makes reference to the book called  Without a Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us by  Robert Hare.  This book includes the psychopathic checklist of 20 characteristics, developed by Hare.

Psychopaths do not have a conscience and do not feel remorse for hurting other people.

Many of the banks and large corporations thought that using this checklist as a guideline would enable them to be able to hire  someone who would be ruthless and make the company lots of money. 

This is most likely to backfire on any company that thinks this is a good idea. Psychopaths are only loyal to themselves. Sooner or later they will exploit the company that hired them.

Psychopaths in Intimate Relationships

After the section of this video about psychopaths in the workplace, there is a section about psychopaths and how they prey on women, lure them in and then let their mask slip. There is an interview with one woman who was married to a psychopath, who tells some of her story.

Stephen Porter  is a forensic psychiatrist who conducted an experiement to see how psychopaths compare to other people when trying to identify emotions on the faces of people.

The psychopath could detect fear on people’s faces far better than other people could. 

The ability to detect fear is used by the psychopath in order to identify the weakest link.  The psychopath is a predator and is looking for the person that will be easiest for them to manipulate.

As I have mentioned in some of the YouTube Videos I have posted, this skill is also used to identify the fears of their victim.

The psychopath will have conversations with the victim and listen for chinks in their armor.   While the victim is talking about their past and their current situations, the predator takes mental notes about the things that generate fear in their victim. Later these fears can be used against the victim as ways to manipulate them. 

The skill of identifying what fears a person has is used by the psychopath with romantic partner victims,  workplace victims, clients, and other people that they want to manipulate.  Threatening someone with their deepest fear is extremely effective.

For example a mother can be easily manipulated by a psychopathic husband if he threatens to harm the child.

This is especially true if he has demonstrated in front of the wife, that he is perfectly capable of harming the child without remorse.

Most mothers would do what the psychopathic husband wants her to due in order to protect their vulnerable baby, young child or teenager. This is one of the most powerful weapons the abusive person has to maintain control over their partner.

Psychopaths cluster in certain kinds of professions.

The percentage of narcissists and psychopaths in certain professions is considerable higher than the percentage of narcissists and psychopaths in the population.

 I am planning to research this particular topic to write a post about it, so if you want to know the common professions you can watch this video for some of them, and you can see more details in my upcoming post. 

There is a lot of information in this video. You probably know a lot of it, if you have been studying narcissism,  but it is good to refresh what you know from time to time.